Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Countdown

We are quickly approaching only a month left of summer. Some of you have been working.
13 of you came to camp early June and have fulfilled your summer assignments through the camp. Only two others have begun the summer process, at least in the order you are supposed to, so that brings the class to 15.
Since there is limited enrollment and students will not be able to join during that first week, you need to get your stuff done ASAP.

I'll be posting in the coming weeks what school supplies you will need for this class, but do plan on $10 initially and fundraising activities throughout the year to pay for the increasing equipment needs of the course.

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Thor O.O said...

Ok, so..i normally love countdowns and all, i even stay up late for them, but i honestly dont think its a good idea to stay up late for this one lol, plus (personally) i think you shouldve added another 6 hours to the countdown lol, but i dont know how the countdowns work on blogger, if you can set them down to a specific time or not, or if its just a daily thing. From what it looks like it is a daily thing, but..i might as well stay up another 3 minutes for this countdown to see how it turns out