Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tori & Dean

Some would say I watch a lot of reality TV, especially in the summer. Some would be right, but if they judge, I say, whatever. My guilty pleasure is TV, although I really can't even begin to stomach anything on MTV anymore, the birthplace of reality TV. So I missed the first episode of Tori and Dean since school got out late, but I'm right back in the swing of things. So, as far as ep 2 of this season goes, Tori has two children with Dean, whom she met while he was still married and I think she was still married, which I have a slight problem with. Not enough to not watch the show. I don't feel like Tori is as annoying as say, Kate Gosselin, but she has her moments, and yet, being a mom with dogs and thinking of moving, we have SO much in common, so here we go:
This ep followed Dean's latest "hobby" (read obsession) with motorcycles. I agree with Tori that his dangerous sport of hobby, SCUBA diving was last season, is a little much, but she herself is a workaholic with two books, her clothing line for kids, her jewelry line, and two kids under 3, so they can both take a rest. I guess if they did that, there would be no show, but still.
I love Patsy - she's back as the kids' nanny and in this ep, we discover that she has lost ALL THREE of her grown children in the last two-three years. Are you kidding me? No one should go through that much pain. I'm shocked she's still alive! She uses food to medicate. Been there done that, but girl, I would have to be 70,000 lbs if I used as much medication as it would take for me to function after all three "passed on." Forget it.
Anyway, skinny minny (almost too skinny) Tori suggests the doctor, which is a good idea, but I think they are leaning toward the gastric bypass deal, which in Hollywood might fly, but since I've lost 50 lbs. with Weight Watchers in one semester, I know Patsy can do it, she just isn't that intrinsically motivated. At least, it worked for me. So anyway, good luck to her and we'll see what happens.
Tori was the grand marshall for a Mother Goose parade in San Diego and since Dean and her son were sick/tired and cleaning up diarrhea from dogs (been there, done that), she took Patsy and Stella and went "alone". Of course, her gay best friends, she calls the Guncles (Gay Uncles) arrived to escort her, but I was hoping that they wouldn't. She hasn't been to an "event" since she was 15 alone, and I think she needs to. But I kinda relate to worrying about things done as a couple separately and if that will work their way home. But the man was sick providing for his family, so we'll give him a break on that one.
Until next week, which might even be this week since I'm still behind.

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Camillia said...

I loove Tori and Dean!! I record their shows on my DVR and watch them. I like how they act like normal people and can do their jobs and still have fun times as a family. And their kids are just sooo cute! :)