Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Bachelorette - final 4

Ok, so I haven't blogged about this before, but this seems to me to be an enjoyable season to cover the concept of editing. This guy Wes has to be an amazing gift to these producers. He gave them soundbite after soundbite, claiming he was acting at the end, and telling the other guys...something...at the rose ceremony if it wasn't him. He is classless and unfortunately, he thinks any publicity is good publicity. Please, America, don't buy his album, don't prove him right.
So Miss Jilly is down to her final four - Kiptyn (whose entire family has weird names and seem down to earth but are extremely RICH!!); Reid (who looks like Matthew Perry with or without his glasses, which is a great thing for me - he's funny, too!); Ed (who Jilly just wants to make out with rather than talk with to make up for lost kisses while Ed rightfully chose his job during a recession rather than TV love, since we all know that that lasts forever, eh?), and Wes, aforementioned weasel.
I fastforwarded through my recorded 2-hr extravaganza, so I don't know that I got every morsel, but I got the good stuff. Kiptyn's not used to chasing the girl, and has doubts that he'll propose at the end of this - if that doesn't change - he'll be the next to go; Reid isn't telling her he loves her yet but he's getting there - I pick him for the final 2; Ed - has some catching up to do, not sure about him yet, but still plan to see him in the final two - but I believe Reid will propose at the end. We'll see. Previews show Miss Jilly crying about "it's not supposed to happen again this way," so maybe Ed has to go back to work and sends a card instead of his person at the final rose. Who knows?
I'm very glad that Wes thinks he'll be returning to Austin and "having lots of sex". Classy - the epitome of class, this one. Kidding. Glad to see him gone, even if he says he had a girlfriend now, and she, Laurel, denies it. Interesting, but not enough to care.
Only a few more weeks to go. Aloha (that's hello and goodbye - we're headed to Hawaii next!)

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