Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bachelorette has her man

Tonight's "After the Rose Special" will undoubtedly feature Jillian is a floor length dress telling us all how madly in love with Ed she is. I found this season very interesting, lots of twists and turns. I also thought it was surprising how many of the men (3 total) were allowed to return after they were kicked off or left the show to talk with Jillian. Of course, that adds drama, which ABC loves, but it was laughable how she had these men wrapped around her finger so well that when she sent them packing, they couldn't leave it at that. I also enjoyed the discussion on the Men Tell All episode of the Man Code. It was Man Code that wouldn't let the guys tell Jillian that sneaky Wes talked of a girlfriend back home. They continued to tell the cameras that Wes wasn't here for the right reasons, but no one told Jillian (except creeper Tanner "I want to love her as much as her feet" P) that someone wasn't here for her. Although he chickened out when she asked for a name, Tanner did tell Jillian, thus ruining a cocktail party/rose ceremony/kissfest. For today, Ed and Jillian are one big happy couple. I agree that you can find love quickly and even marry quickly (hello!) but I didn't do it with hand-picked choices and a signed contract stating I would accept a proposal at the end of the six-week dating period. I hope for love's sake, they survive, but it is doubtful. Good luck.

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